Welcome to the official page for A Bonafide Detective by Tim Twombly.

“Never has one boy set out to save so many damsels in distress. Too bad the girl he’s most intrigued with doesn’t need him at all.”

While the rest of his hometown thinks its still the nifty fifties, fifteen-year-old Dewey “Doc” Ruggles has moved into the “modern age.” It’s clear to him the world is changing. Sophisticates think God is dead, young women have the birth control pill on their shopping list, the sexual revolution has got him spinning. If that’s not enough, he’s at war with Cuban Communists who plan to kill the future President, a psychotic bully named Junior Mentz, and a priest who plans to turn a teenage girl into a sex slave for the Vatican.

Could it be possible he’s imagining the whole thing?  Maybe he should stop reading fiction and focus on the hard sciences.

A young nun named Sister Theresa doesn’t think he should. She wants him to keep going. But she’s got problems of her own. In fact, she may already be dead.